Antique Limestone Pool Patios that stand the test of time. We’ve got the marbles that will last you a lifetime.

What flooring material can last you a couple of thousands of years fending for itself in the open? What Stone surface works perfectly in both contemporary and classic landscape designs? Technically it belongs to the marble stone family but sheer straight and beauty have earned it a class of its own.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-2Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-3

Limestone has been at the cornerstone of every major recognizable construction from the dawn of history  to our modern day era. Some of the earliest forms of architecture all over the world, from the pyramids at Giza to the Parthenon in Athens are living proof to Limestone’s resiliency and splendor.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-10

In today’s landscapes, limestone can be used to create very modern or antique old-world looking pool patios, BBQ decks and terraces. It’s available in many different colors, depending on where it is quarried and how it was milled and finished.outdoor-pool-coping-villa-italy-limestone-wall-cladding

The run down: Limestone is a sedimentary rock with a typically grainy appearance. It’s quarried all over the world and it comes in many colors including earth, wheat, grays, tans and Beige even when most people only associate it with creamy white tones. Our antique Limestone is a very durable old-world material that has endless contemporary uses in high-end landscape projects.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-18

Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck


This reclaimed stone comes in all sizes and shapes: slabs, pavers, pool coping edges, wall cladding veneer, capstone, long stair treads and thick dimensional size pieces ideal for fountains, fireplace lintels, hearths and fire pits. Running bond plank stone and Roman style irregular flagstones are also available.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-3Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-8

Finishes: Antique Limestone have an organic untouched finish that is somewhat evenhanded and mildly textured by centuries of caravans, horses and people walking over it. Its very sturdy and hard yes soft and smooth to the touch and a breez to walk on barefoot of with shoes on.

Maintenance: our reclaimed Limestone is resilient in the face of acidic environments and pool chemicals. Please think twice before getting your run of the mill limestone that doesn’t hold that well in open air applications versus our all-weather antique limestone that is virtually unassailable by the elements. planting a citrus fruit tree or an olive tree directly above our salvaged limestone paving is no problem what so ever! Fallen fruit can decay foliage will not stain our one of a kind Oolitic limestone.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-19Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-17

With other stone suppliers the list of does and don’ts that accompany their terms of sale is enough to make the most courageous home owner think twice before moving forward with installing limestone on their pool patios or BBQ decks.  In our case it’s the exact opposite! Our antique limestone is guaranteed for LIFE! You heard that right, GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.. No ifs, buts and fine print to read. When all you have is a limestone that rivals most granite in hardness you have nothing to fear. Damage to our stone surface is unheard of, saving you some serious money on sealers in the long run.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-Allyway-9

Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-Allyway-9

Despite being ancient, our Limestone lines comes in lighter earth tones as  our photos clearly indicate. This gives it a better solar reflectance index also known as SRI.

A higher SRI means that the stones stay cool by reflecting sun and releasing thermal radiation away from your family who is enjoying a dip in the pool or a siesta in a summer afternoon. Concrete, Basalt, Slate, Pennsylvania Blue stone and other darker stones have poor SRIs turning your entire outdoor experience unbearable in the hot days of summer. Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-5

Rather than absorbing light and heating up our limestone reducing what is called the ‘heat-island effect’ around your home. Our Limestone has been extremely popular with high-end builders, designers and architects seeking eco-friendly, green and low SRI outdoor stone flooring options for their custom homes so their demanding clientele can enjoy their well-designed backyards even in the hottest days or summer.

Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-12

Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-13

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Villa Di San Calogero, one of the most sought-after locations in Sicily.


Commenda di San Calogero is located in Sicily and enjoys a spectacular position to the north of Syracuse.  Standing on the limestone plateau of the Hyblaean Mountains it faces Mount Etna and is only 7 km away from the sea and the village of Brucoli.outdoor-limestone-wall-cladding-italian-villaOUTDOOR-LIMESTONE-POOL-FOUNTAINoutdoor-garnden-italian-ladnscape-villa-limestone-pool-coping In fact the whole of its surrounding area is of archaeological and historical interest and boasts uncontaminated natural beauty, with rivers flowing through its territory, which is covered by varied vegetation.italian-cottage-charm-view-landscape-sicilyitalian-garden-outdoor-limestone-pool-fountainitalian-outdoor-garden-in-a-villa-in-sicily-italy  A 30-minute drive will take visitors to the ancient island of Ortygia, in the heart of Syracuse, and to the historic centre of the city of Catania; but in one hour one can reach most of the attractions of Eastern Sicily: the cities of Noto, Ragusa Ibla, Modica and Scicli, jewels of the Sicilian Baroque; Vendicari Nature Reserve that runs along the coastline and the nearby seaside town of Marzamemi; the picturesque town of Taormina and the unrivalled Mount Etna; the historic Caltagirone, renowned for its limestone workshops, and the splendid Roman Villa del Casale, near the town of Piazza Armerinalimestone-wall-cladding-pool-coping-outdoor-poollimestone-columns-dining-roomitalian-master-bedroom-limestone-flooring-stone-wall-cladding

Commenda di San Calogero, set deep in the countryside of the Hyblaean plateau, commands the most spectacular views of Mount Etna and the sea.  Its twelve double guest rooms were once occupied by the farm hands. Each endowed with en-suite bathroom and independent entrance, they have all been decorated differently and are furnished with beautiful period pieces in a variety of styles which blend with antique furnishings and objects that the owners have picked up in their travels.outdoor-limestone-sink-antique-reclaimed-carvedsicily italy kitchenitalian-kitchenitalian-farmhouse-master-bedroom-limestone-flooringitalian-dining-room-antiqueitalian-french-farmhouse-italian-limestone-fireplace-wood-beams-limestone-flooringitalian-design-bedroom-with-antique-reclaimed-flooringfarmhouse-dining-room-with-stone-limestone-floorschurch-villa-de-colegeroantique-limestone-fireplace-living-room-limestone-flooring-wall-cladding

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Island Living at Home, A Stone Throw Away

When ‘modernistic-hype’ recede from the art world, one thing we won’t miss will be what curator Francesco Bonami calls the ‘Eventocracy.’ All this flashy ‘art-fair art’ and those highly produced spectacles and installations wow you for a minute until you move on to the next adrenaline event.outdoor-limestone-pool-copingoutdoor-limestone-flooring-castle-masnion-limestone-entryway-columnsoutdoor-limestone-antique-floors Only the Classical Bold Romantic has ever survived because it’s a good notion an immortal idea that stands on the sand dunes of time with a gentile smile on its face.”
This Majestic Historic 16th Century Palazzo embodies those wise words of Francesco Bonami. It is surrounded by high walls and 45,000 squared feet of gardens built all the way back in 1589.beautiful-mansion-with-limestone-wall-cladding-and-limestone-stairsIsland Living With Antique Limestone-14antique-limestone-flooring During the period that this Palazzo was built, Malta belonged to the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, who came here in 1530 and stayed for over 200 years.old-world-style-living-room-with-limestone-flooringmediterrenean-look-living-room-with-limestone-flooring-and-limestone-wall-cladding

In fact, it is said that the palazzo was the country residence of one of the Knights who was next in line to succeed the Grand Master.limestone-floors-stone-antiqueantique-thick-limestone-pool-coping

A plaque outside the palazzo was erected by Qormi local council testifying to its status as one of the oldest houses in the area.antique-limestone-wall-cladding-limestone-flooring

A grand vaulted hallway opens onto a large central courtyard that leads to several stately rooms all with exquisite architecture.beautiful-limestone-floors-with-antique-wall-cladding-in-old-provencal-dining-roomantique-limestone-flooring-in-antique-cottage-dining-room

The upper floor with its impressive Sala Nobile enjoys a continuous open stone balcony which surrounds the Palace and the elaborate staircase.antique-limestone-stairway-spiral

All terraces lead off the main rooms and overlook the stunning courtyard and the magical gardens, with its unique belvedere, orchards, groves, swimming pool and entertaining areas. Also complimenting this unique property is a baroque chapel, independent servant quarters, two large original stables, spring water, 10 car garage and other numerous features.outdoor-garden-with-antique-limestone-flooringLimestone-pool-coping

This residence exudes old world grandeur boldness and classical Romanticism and seamlessly merges it with first class comfort.antique-limestone-flooring-floors-bathroomantique-limestone-chapel-limesotne-wall-cladding-marble-pedestalantique-outdoor-limestone-floors-biblical-stone-flooring-limestone-entryway

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Our Latest Design Leak, Paradise Pavers!

Harbor Island, home to the Bahama House, is our backdrop. The property marks the first island escape for the custom home builder and renter named ‘Eleven’. With the aide of Ancient Surfaces unique portfolio of rare architectural antique limestone lines ‘Eleven’ was able to set itself apart from the rest of the Frey.mansion-antique-limestone-flooring-wall-cladding The Tailored reclaimed West-Indies look that our ancient Limestone provides, reinforces the home-made guest experience that water enthusiasts, leisure travelers and Island hoppers will experience.Antique Limestone Flooring Pavers

The ‘Bahama House’ is within walking distance to dining, nightlife and the island’s beaches offering a lot for everyone regardless of their taste and interest. The house hospitality, accommodation and local guidance provides guests with a vast array of island adventures and entertainment options.gmg-bahama-house-inn-harbour-island-1008349

Unlike other boutique resorts, the House Manager will be on hand throughout guests’ stay ensuring that the visitors get the most out of their time on this beautiful and notoriously exclusive Caribbean island. Eleven’s guides will take guests on water-based adventures including bone-fishing, deep-sea fishing, paddle boarding, diving, kite surfing and snorkeling. thick stone coping floorNot to mention touring of the island and getting you out there into the exotic outdoors, caving, bicycling as well as beach coasting. For those who choose to just sit back, relax and enjoy the water and sun on top of our reclaimed millennium Limestone pool deck they would not be missing out at all. antique limestone pool copingA lazy and peaceful quality time can be spent in the Bahamas House backyard from dusk till dawn. fine dinning in paradise amidst antique stone elements while sharing a bottle of aged Bordeaux around our reclaimed stone fire pit is one of the most unique scenarios that guests get to experience while in the villa house…antique limestone pool coping pavers

The ‘Bahama House’ dates back to 1800 and has recently undergone an extensive restoration and stone renovation thanks to a star studded team of designers and architects who have enlisted Ancient Surfaces for all stone accenting. The house, a series of separate buildings arranged around a central pool, sleeps up to 22 people in two chic two-bedroom cottages, an original 1800s structure with three suites, and an annex with four suites. limestone-pool-coping-thick-paversThis arrangement of 11 rooms in four separate buildings makes the ‘Bahama House’ the place for family holidays, corporate events, wedding parties and friend getaways. Each property offers guests indoor and outdoor spaces and garden or bay views. There is however, two fully stocked private bars, a library and the famous pool with adjoining Jacuzzi hot tub for all to enjoy.limestone-pool-coping-floorlimestone pool coping

Open from November to July for exclusive use or on an individual room basis, the Bahama House’s in-house chef will prepare a breakfast for guests every morning.limestone flooring Guests can also use the property’s bicycles and daily beach set up. Buyout groups will further enjoy exclusive use of the property, house spirits, beer and wine, lunch or gourmet picnics, guided island adventures, use of the property boat and its seasoned captain, a dedicated manager, on-island transportation, a professional photographer and even a private security detail that will even make John Wick think twice before messing with you. Not too shabby for a measly Nine Grands a day don’t you think?Limestone flooring pavers

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Then I Saw Their Stone, Now I’m a Believer!


I am doing a large renovation of my home (total project over $100k) and needed the “perfect” floors. We are installing a large scale sliding door which opens up the entire wall of our family room to create an indoor/outdoor living space and our dream was a uniform floor indoor/outdoor so that it was truly seamless. Hallway Stone Floor-J-2

We have an outdoor spa so we require a non-slippery surface. I saw the millennium planks on Houzz in an indoor/outdoor application and I fell in love.White_Water_Ln_15_vw4342N9067-Recovered

I called them and was immediately called back by Tony Bennetti. I was scared to ask about the price of the stone because the photographs on line were amazing. It is not inexpensive but frankly I was pleasantly surprised. It is a tremendous value considering the market for other less desirable local stone (DFW Metroplex) options and also far superior in aesthetics. Millennium-Planks-Entry-and-hallway-1stfloor--35I was very nervous because purchasing off of the internet is frightening and I needed more than 2000 square feet.

I asked Tony for two samples which he promptly sent to me. Ancient Surfaces will tell you that the stones are very durable because of their age and also the quality of the type of stone.MALSESE LIMESTONE-0212-bg-best-4

I won’t try to repeat the story on Olithic limestone (Tony’s version is too good to attempt a repeat) but I was a skeptic that they didn’t need a sealant and that they would last. Limestone is not known to be durable. I doubt anyone done a more stringent test on these floors than my husband.White_Water_Ln_15_vw-3

My husband poured wine, ketchup, jelly and a variety of oils. in fact, he scrubbed the items into the stone and then let them sit for hours before washing them off. It turned into a bit of a contest at some point. I literally could not spot the location. Millennium-Planks-Entry-and-hallway-1stfloor--37

Obviously not planning on incurring this type of damage but I also feel very confident that Tony is right about this stone. We also called references which were all glowing. We purchased 2150 square feet and just received the stone! 25 Del Mar 16-2

The delivery was exactly as promised both for the amount of time that it would take to receive the product and packaging. There was no breakage which is a testament to the very impressive packaging. Millennium Limestone-Provence-Style-Kitchen

The stones are arranged in the crates so that there is a variance in the size and colors. This is imperative so that when the stone is installed it is uniform throughout the large project. We inspected all 6 crates and it is amazing. White_Water_Ln_15_dr3

We put out the first portion of the floor and it absolutely looks better than in the pictures. The builder was happy that it was extremely easy to install. Trust me – the pictures do not do it justice.DSC_0181_2_3_fused

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of extremely long planks (60″) and that these were not broken. The stone has the perfect amount of variance both in color and in size which is what makes it so unique and beautiful. corona del mar - bayside drive (17)

The width is uniform but the length went from 18″ to 60″. It is unique. I love that it is absolutely not slippery which makes it perfect for the indoor/outdoor use. Beautiful doesn’t quit describe it. 1206_lohman_shekel_2268

The customer service for this company is impressive. I called Tony with so many questions along the way. He is readily available, responsive and informative. He believes in his product and I can see why. I highly recommend Ancient Surfaces. If anyone needs more information, Tony can give you my number. I would be glad to help you fee comfortable with this company. 4-Millennium Stone-c



Most of our clients are quite stunned to learn that all our antique reclaimed limestone flooring selections rival one another in uniqueness, beauty and color distinction. The post below is an article in a magazine “Premiere Designers”  featuring our antique reclaimed biblical stone in a beautiful coastal Mediterranean french farmhouse style home that most agree is a treat to look at.Untitled-1

Reclamation Images

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Antique Limestone Jacuzzi and Pool Fountain Slabs

Imagine having Thick limestone stairs that goes into your Jacuzzi and pool without getting affected by chlorine, salinity, fluoride or other water born solvents and contaminants that would have wreaked havoc on any other type of stone product.


The same could be said about the pool coping of your swimming pool or Jacuzzi where a unique thick limestone slab could surround the outer edge of your prized pools providing them with a unique uneven slip resistant yet smooth to the skin surface, guaranteed to stand up against the harshest climate conditions yet keeping its original pristine beauty year after year.



The area around your swimming pool is one of the most important parts of your pool scape. Not only is it where everyone congregates while at the poolside, but also plays a key role in defining your pool’s personality and style.

Tuscan Style Pool Coping and Biblical Stone pool deck

There are a variety of manmade and natural materials that create superior pool decks, but those real antique and historic natural stone copings that we stock, are unlike anything else found on earth.


They are the true companions of any sophisticated Mediterranean inspired pool or Jacuzzi spa.

provence-domainelaurentineP48-3 (1)


Reclaimed Limestone foundation block slabs were used as coping around the Infinity pool, Tuscan cladding was used on the home’s exterior.


Ancient Surfaces is the ultimate source for rare reclaimed limestone architectural elements salvage from the Mediterranean basin.


Antique Limestone slabs are one of the world’s finest and most prized indoor and outdoor building materials.


Limestone, normally quarried from local sources, is hardy and can retain its beauty for years, no matter the weather.

Pool Coping Biblical Stone and an ancient fire pit in an ocean front backyard2 provence-lelegantevillageoise(P092)-1

Reclamation Images

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Antique Kitchen Limestone Slabs

Oolitic Limestone slabs gives you the best of both worlds; Form and Function.

On the one hand they offer outstanding visual appeal with their dramatic weathered patina and distinctive natural texture, while on the other, Natural Oolitic Limestone slabs offer superb strength and durability.

Ancient Slabs-best-03-big-b

This combined authentic appearance and guaranteed lifetime performance ensures that your investment in our thick super hard antique Limestone slabs is one that you’ll never regret.

Kitchen to Living Room Antique Thick Reclaimed Limestone Foundation Slabs for the Kitchen Countertops3-b

Though there’s nothing ‘physically’ wrong with using granite counter tops, they do however fall short of giving you an iron clad lifetime guaranty on durability or an authentic South Italian or Southern French farmhouse Mediterranean look to your Kitchen tops, not to mention the cold, austere tired look of granite that has become annoyingly tiresome to look at after 100 years of perpetual ad nauseam usage in the US.

Kitchen to Living Room Antique Thick Reclaimed Limestone Foundation Slabs for the Kitchen Countertops 3

Many slab surfaces on today’s market have their pros and cons. The key is to do your homework and learn about each option before taking the plunge. More times than not our antique thick limestone slabs will work best for you.


Antique limestone slabs can be used everywhere whether it’s for your pool coping edges, your BBQ and kitchen counters, your main entryway threshold or on your fireplace hearths.

Why are we so passionate about using our thick Oolitic limestone slabs you ask? Well, we get so excited about creating something unusual and one of a kind that ends up on the front pages of national design and shelter magazines as well as receiving tens of thousands of likes and shares of our finished products across social media platforms and that really pushes us to strive for the ultimate stone designs regardless of the stone application.

Ancient Slabs-04-b

Our many repeat clients are hooked on our antique limestone slabs and feel in many cases that their antique slabs are the single most desirable architectural stone element that they can never get enough of. On many occasions they decide to become repeat customers and add those thick antique limestone slabs in other niches and locations as years pass by.


The virtually indestructible aspect of this limestone allows our designer to venture into uncharted territories without getting chewed up by their prudent custom home builders who are weary by nature and try not to wonder too far outside the realm of the usual.


Are you a notorious cook who believe in cooking your own food and see your kitchen as the beating heart of your house?


Our Oolitic Limestone slabs are ideal for anyone who is a heavy duty cook and dosen’t want to worry about leaving wine rings, lime juice spots or oil stains while cooking for the family or entertaining guests.

Ancient Slabs with Biblos Backsplash-01-b

If you practically live in your kitchen, which is true for many of us, you have no choice but to consider installing our Oolitic limestone foundation slabs on your kitchen counter tops.

Kitchen to Living Room Antique Thick Reclaimed Limestone Foundation Slabs for the Kitchen Countertops4