Island Living at Home, A Stone Throw Away

When ‘modernistic-hype’ recede from the art world, one thing we won’t miss will be what curator Francesco Bonami calls the ‘Eventocracy.’ All this flashy ‘art-fair art’ and those highly produced spectacles and installations wow you for a minute until you move on to the next adrenaline event.outdoor-limestone-pool-copingoutdoor-limestone-flooring-castle-masnion-limestone-entryway-columnsoutdoor-limestone-antique-floors Only the Classical Bold Romantic has ever survived because it’s a good notion an immortal idea that stands on the sand dunes of time with a gentile smile on its face.”
This Majestic Historic 16th Century Palazzo embodies those wise words of Francesco Bonami. It is surrounded by high walls and 45,000 squared feet of gardens built all the way back in 1589.beautiful-mansion-with-limestone-wall-cladding-and-limestone-stairsIsland Living With Antique Limestone-14antique-limestone-flooring During the period that this Palazzo was built, Malta belonged to the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, who came here in 1530 and stayed for over 200 years.old-world-style-living-room-with-limestone-flooringmediterrenean-look-living-room-with-limestone-flooring-and-limestone-wall-cladding

In fact, it is said that the palazzo was the country residence of one of the Knights who was next in line to succeed the Grand Master.limestone-floors-stone-antiqueantique-thick-limestone-pool-coping

A plaque outside the palazzo was erected by Qormi local council testifying to its status as one of the oldest houses in the area.antique-limestone-wall-cladding-limestone-flooring

A grand vaulted hallway opens onto a large central courtyard that leads to several stately rooms all with exquisite architecture.beautiful-limestone-floors-with-antique-wall-cladding-in-old-provencal-dining-roomantique-limestone-flooring-in-antique-cottage-dining-room

The upper floor with its impressive Sala Nobile enjoys a continuous open stone balcony which surrounds the Palace and the elaborate staircase.antique-limestone-stairway-spiral

All terraces lead off the main rooms and overlook the stunning courtyard and the magical gardens, with its unique belvedere, orchards, groves, swimming pool and entertaining areas. Also complimenting this unique property is a baroque chapel, independent servant quarters, two large original stables, spring water, 10 car garage and other numerous features.outdoor-garden-with-antique-limestone-flooringLimestone-pool-coping

This residence exudes old world grandeur boldness and classical Romanticism and seamlessly merges it with first class comfort.antique-limestone-flooring-floors-bathroomantique-limestone-chapel-limesotne-wall-cladding-marble-pedestalantique-outdoor-limestone-floors-biblical-stone-flooring-limestone-entryway

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Antique Limestone Jacuzzi and Pool Fountain Slabs

Imagine having Thick limestone stairs that goes into your Jacuzzi and pool without getting affected by chlorine, salinity, fluoride or other water born solvents and contaminants that would have wreaked havoc on any other type of stone product.


The same could be said about the pool coping of your swimming pool or Jacuzzi where a unique thick limestone slab could surround the outer edge of your prized pools providing them with a unique uneven slip resistant yet smooth to the skin surface, guaranteed to stand up against the harshest climate conditions yet keeping its original pristine beauty year after year.



The area around your swimming pool is one of the most important parts of your pool scape. Not only is it where everyone congregates while at the poolside, but also plays a key role in defining your pool’s personality and style.

Tuscan Style Pool Coping and Biblical Stone pool deck

There are a variety of manmade and natural materials that create superior pool decks, but those real antique and historic natural stone copings that we stock, are unlike anything else found on earth.


They are the true companions of any sophisticated Mediterranean inspired pool or Jacuzzi spa.

provence-domainelaurentineP48-3 (1)


Reclaimed Limestone foundation block slabs were used as coping around the Infinity pool, Tuscan cladding was used on the home’s exterior.


Ancient Surfaces is the ultimate source for rare reclaimed limestone architectural elements salvage from the Mediterranean basin.


Antique Limestone slabs are one of the world’s finest and most prized indoor and outdoor building materials.


Limestone, normally quarried from local sources, is hardy and can retain its beauty for years, no matter the weather.

Pool Coping Biblical Stone and an ancient fire pit in an ocean front backyard2 provence-lelegantevillageoise(P092)-1

Reclamation Images

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Antique Kitchen Limestone Slabs

Oolitic Limestone slabs gives you the best of both worlds; Form and Function.

On the one hand they offer outstanding visual appeal with their dramatic weathered patina and distinctive natural texture, while on the other, Natural Oolitic Limestone slabs offer superb strength and durability.

Ancient Slabs-best-03-big-b

This combined authentic appearance and guaranteed lifetime performance ensures that your investment in our thick super hard antique Limestone slabs is one that you’ll never regret.

Kitchen to Living Room Antique Thick Reclaimed Limestone Foundation Slabs for the Kitchen Countertops3-b

Though there’s nothing ‘physically’ wrong with using granite counter tops, they do however fall short of giving you an iron clad lifetime guaranty on durability or an authentic South Italian or Southern French farmhouse Mediterranean look to your Kitchen tops, not to mention the cold, austere tired look of granite that has become annoyingly tiresome to look at after 100 years of perpetual ad nauseam usage in the US.

Kitchen to Living Room Antique Thick Reclaimed Limestone Foundation Slabs for the Kitchen Countertops 3

Many slab surfaces on today’s market have their pros and cons. The key is to do your homework and learn about each option before taking the plunge. More times than not our antique thick limestone slabs will work best for you.


Antique limestone slabs can be used everywhere whether it’s for your pool coping edges, your BBQ and kitchen counters, your main entryway threshold or on your fireplace hearths.

Why are we so passionate about using our thick Oolitic limestone slabs you ask? Well, we get so excited about creating something unusual and one of a kind that ends up on the front pages of national design and shelter magazines as well as receiving tens of thousands of likes and shares of our finished products across social media platforms and that really pushes us to strive for the ultimate stone designs regardless of the stone application.

Ancient Slabs-04-b

Our many repeat clients are hooked on our antique limestone slabs and feel in many cases that their antique slabs are the single most desirable architectural stone element that they can never get enough of. On many occasions they decide to become repeat customers and add those thick antique limestone slabs in other niches and locations as years pass by.


The virtually indestructible aspect of this limestone allows our designer to venture into uncharted territories without getting chewed up by their prudent custom home builders who are weary by nature and try not to wonder too far outside the realm of the usual.


Are you a notorious cook who believe in cooking your own food and see your kitchen as the beating heart of your house?


Our Oolitic Limestone slabs are ideal for anyone who is a heavy duty cook and dosen’t want to worry about leaving wine rings, lime juice spots or oil stains while cooking for the family or entertaining guests.

Ancient Slabs with Biblos Backsplash-01-b

If you practically live in your kitchen, which is true for many of us, you have no choice but to consider installing our Oolitic limestone foundation slabs on your kitchen counter tops.

Kitchen to Living Room Antique Thick Reclaimed Limestone Foundation Slabs for the Kitchen Countertops4