Antique Limestone Pool Patios that stand the test of time. We’ve got the marbles that will last you a lifetime.

What flooring material can last you a couple of thousands of years fending for itself in the open? What Stone surface works perfectly in both contemporary and classic landscape designs? Technically it belongs to the marble stone family but sheer straight and beauty have earned it a class of its own.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-2Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-3

Limestone has been at the cornerstone of every major recognizable construction from the dawn of history  to our modern day era. Some of the earliest forms of architecture all over the world, from the pyramids at Giza to the Parthenon in Athens are living proof to Limestone’s resiliency and splendor.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-10

In today’s landscapes, limestone can be used to create very modern or antique old-world looking pool patios, BBQ decks and terraces. It’s available in many different colors, depending on where it is quarried and how it was milled and finished.outdoor-pool-coping-villa-italy-limestone-wall-cladding

The run down: Limestone is a sedimentary rock with a typically grainy appearance. It’s quarried all over the world and it comes in many colors including earth, wheat, grays, tans and Beige even when most people only associate it with creamy white tones. Our antique Limestone is a very durable old-world material that has endless contemporary uses in high-end landscape projects.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-18

Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck


This reclaimed stone comes in all sizes and shapes: slabs, pavers, pool coping edges, wall cladding veneer, capstone, long stair treads and thick dimensional size pieces ideal for fountains, fireplace lintels, hearths and fire pits. Running bond plank stone and Roman style irregular flagstones are also available.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-3Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-8

Finishes: Antique Limestone have an organic untouched finish that is somewhat evenhanded and mildly textured by centuries of caravans, horses and people walking over it. Its very sturdy and hard yes soft and smooth to the touch and a breez to walk on barefoot of with shoes on.

Maintenance: our reclaimed Limestone is resilient in the face of acidic environments and pool chemicals. Please think twice before getting your run of the mill limestone that doesn’t hold that well in open air applications versus our all-weather antique limestone that is virtually unassailable by the elements. planting a citrus fruit tree or an olive tree directly above our salvaged limestone paving is no problem what so ever! Fallen fruit can decay foliage will not stain our one of a kind Oolitic limestone.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-19Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-17

With other stone suppliers the list of does and don’ts that accompany their terms of sale is enough to make the most courageous home owner think twice before moving forward with installing limestone on their pool patios or BBQ decks.  In our case it’s the exact opposite! Our antique limestone is guaranteed for LIFE! You heard that right, GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.. No ifs, buts and fine print to read. When all you have is a limestone that rivals most granite in hardness you have nothing to fear. Damage to our stone surface is unheard of, saving you some serious money on sealers in the long run.Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-Allyway-9

Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-Allyway-9

Despite being ancient, our Limestone lines comes in lighter earth tones as  our photos clearly indicate. This gives it a better solar reflectance index also known as SRI.

A higher SRI means that the stones stay cool by reflecting sun and releasing thermal radiation away from your family who is enjoying a dip in the pool or a siesta in a summer afternoon. Concrete, Basalt, Slate, Pennsylvania Blue stone and other darker stones have poor SRIs turning your entire outdoor experience unbearable in the hot days of summer. Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-5

Rather than absorbing light and heating up our limestone reducing what is called the ‘heat-island effect’ around your home. Our Limestone has been extremely popular with high-end builders, designers and architects seeking eco-friendly, green and low SRI outdoor stone flooring options for their custom homes so their demanding clientele can enjoy their well-designed backyards even in the hottest days or summer.

Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-12

Antique Limestone Pool Patio and BBQ deck-13

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