Then I Saw Their Stone, Now I’m a Believer!


I am doing a large renovation of my home (total project over $100k) and needed the “perfect” floors. We are installing a large scale sliding door which opens up the entire wall of our family room to create an indoor/outdoor living space and our dream was a uniform floor indoor/outdoor so that it was truly seamless. Hallway Stone Floor-J-2

We have an outdoor spa so we require a non-slippery surface. I saw the millennium planks on Houzz in an indoor/outdoor application and I fell in love.White_Water_Ln_15_vw4342N9067-Recovered

I called them and was immediately called back by Tony Bennetti. I was scared to ask about the price of the stone because the photographs on line were amazing. It is not inexpensive but frankly I was pleasantly surprised. It is a tremendous value considering the market for other less desirable local stone (DFW Metroplex) options and also far superior in aesthetics. Millennium-Planks-Entry-and-hallway-1stfloor--35I was very nervous because purchasing off of the internet is frightening and I needed more than 2000 square feet.

I asked Tony for two samples which he promptly sent to me. Ancient Surfaces will tell you that the stones are very durable because of their age and also the quality of the type of stone.MALSESE LIMESTONE-0212-bg-best-4

I won’t try to repeat the story on Olithic limestone (Tony’s version is too good to attempt a repeat) but I was a skeptic that they didn’t need a sealant and that they would last. Limestone is not known to be durable. I doubt anyone done a more stringent test on these floors than my husband.White_Water_Ln_15_vw-3

My husband poured wine, ketchup, jelly and a variety of oils. in fact, he scrubbed the items into the stone and then let them sit for hours before washing them off. It turned into a bit of a contest at some point. I literally could not spot the location. Millennium-Planks-Entry-and-hallway-1stfloor--37

Obviously not planning on incurring this type of damage but I also feel very confident that Tony is right about this stone. We also called references which were all glowing. We purchased 2150 square feet and just received the stone! 25 Del Mar 16-2

The delivery was exactly as promised both for the amount of time that it would take to receive the product and packaging. There was no breakage which is a testament to the very impressive packaging. Millennium Limestone-Provence-Style-Kitchen

The stones are arranged in the crates so that there is a variance in the size and colors. This is imperative so that when the stone is installed it is uniform throughout the large project. We inspected all 6 crates and it is amazing. White_Water_Ln_15_dr3

We put out the first portion of the floor and it absolutely looks better than in the pictures. The builder was happy that it was extremely easy to install. Trust me – the pictures do not do it justice.DSC_0181_2_3_fused

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of extremely long planks (60″) and that these were not broken. The stone has the perfect amount of variance both in color and in size which is what makes it so unique and beautiful. corona del mar - bayside drive (17)

The width is uniform but the length went from 18″ to 60″. It is unique. I love that it is absolutely not slippery which makes it perfect for the indoor/outdoor use. Beautiful doesn’t quit describe it. 1206_lohman_shekel_2268

The customer service for this company is impressive. I called Tony with so many questions along the way. He is readily available, responsive and informative. He believes in his product and I can see why. I highly recommend Ancient Surfaces. If anyone needs more information, Tony can give you my number. I would be glad to help you fee comfortable with this company. 4-Millennium Stone-c



Most of our clients are quite stunned to learn that all our antique reclaimed limestone flooring selections rival one another in uniqueness, beauty and color distinction. The post below is an article in a magazine “Premiere Designers”  featuring our antique reclaimed biblical stone in a beautiful coastal Mediterranean french farmhouse style home that most agree is a treat to look at.Untitled-1

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